Roku 4 Release Date Expectations, Hardware Specs and Features

The Roku streaming box has been in the market for a long time now and unlike its previous versions, the upcoming Roku 4 has gained a level of popularity like never before.

Compared to the past, the streaming devices that companies launch in recent times have been completely different in terms of search functionality and hardware specifications. The quality of videos is drastically going up, with higher resolution becoming a necessity than a luxury. Besides, the users are quite used to the convenience offered by tablets and smartphones. The search features, besides the ability to access internet and find content they need, is much easier on these said devices. Only when Roku 4 could match them all, it could satisfy the buyers in the near future.

Possible Release Date

The company recently launched renewed versions of Roku 3 and Roku 2 boxes. They underwent minor hardware changes and also have a new voice control. But, the problem is that, people don’t love using voice controlled devices so much. There is OK Google, Siri and Cortana among many other voice assistants but the majority don’t prefer using it.

Voice controlled features should be available on Roku 4, when it gets released. Rumors indicate that the possible release date for this amazing set top box should be in July or the month of August. The company has a tradition of launching new boxes in these months. It is not only because of this fact, but also because of the timeline between different products. They usually bring new ones after three to four months of launching upgraded versions of older devices.

4K is a Must

4K streaming capability is a must have feature on the Roku 4 box. While some would argue that it is not widely adopted, yet due to the pricing of television and limited internet bandwidth, there are many available at $1000 or less. The internet is changing with fiber technology which should soon eradicate the problem and bring in net neutrality.

All these changes don’t affect a streaming box because if you are going to buy one this year, it should be good for at least two years into the future. If it has 4K and reliable search functionality, the new Roku 4 device could do a great run in the market. It has a strong advantage over Apple TV and Nexus TV because of the fact that it is versatile and doesn’t rely on only one operating system.

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