Google Chrome is the Past, Microsoft to Launch a Web Browser for the Future

The days of Internet Explorer are long gone.

Mozilla took over the reign that IE once enjoyed, but then there came another animal in the shape of Google Chrome and in a very short period, the majority of the traffic was headed its way thanks to the lightweight and simplistic nature of the Chrome web browser.

This browser has enjoyed continued dominance, thanks to the amazing capabilities it offers users who make use of some of the most popular applications on the web in the shape of YouTube and Gmail. Chrome web browser enjoys the majority of the shares in the browsing world, followed by Firefox while Opera and Internet Explorer lag behind.

Microsoft is a software and tech giant that has recently learned some new traits in the industry and as it seems, it’s not letting go of these traits. It has realized the importance behind coping with the trending technologies and according to the latest rumors, Microsoft is building a web browser that is set to compete and even outshine the predominant Google Chrome. The latest web browser from Microsoft has been code-named Spartan and it is expected to be lightweight with a simple UI and with little or no effect on your system memory.

Microsoft Spartan vs. Google Chrome

The latest browser from Microsoft will go head to head with Google’s Chrome and by the time 2015 comes to an end, there’ll definitely be a winner. With the tough competition in the mobile industry stiffening, it is also ideal to take care of those who make use of PCs for browsing the web.

2015 will be a great year for Google Chrome basing on the updates already released that includes a notification feature that allows users to know the tabs rendering the notification sounds with more developments expected in the near future.

Enhanced user experience

Google Chrome has been successful due to its lightweight nature and the ability to have little effects on the system RAM in addition to reduced crashes unlike with other browsers. However, there has been little competition coming from other browsers like Firefox and IE and with the latest Spartan browser from Microsoft, users are set to get an amazing experience just like what users of Chrome get, due to its lightweight nature and simple design of UI. This might spark even more improvements in Chrome, which translates to a win-win situation for the users.

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