Gmail Tricks – Avoid Getting Your Account Hacked

Stories about hacking into one’s account are not uncommon and it can happen to anyone. It can happen to you! You hear these kinds of news all the time about people and even high status figures having their account hacked. So, let’s see a short list of tips that will help anyone keep their Gmail account safe.

Securing your passcode 

Never have the same passcode for all of your accounts. This is the first and most common mistake! Make sure you opt for a password that is exclusive. Make it personal and try to remember it. If you think you might forget it, use the password manager tools to have it at hand. But even with all of this, hackers might still be successful. But you should know about this app called LogDog that identifies if someone else logged into you account from a different location. If you are notified of this suspicious activity, you must change your password as soon as possible.

Never open unknown emails!

This is a golden rule which most of you probably know. But it never hurts to say it again! Sometimes you might receive all kinds of adds or job offers in your inbox that might seem tempting. These emails are pretty sketchy, so if you have a bad feeling about them, trust your intuition. There are lots of talented hackers out there and they can write pretty legit emails.

Include a two-factor confirmation

When someone hacks into your Gmail account, they usually know your password and your username. So you should set-up a two factor confirmation procedure. Of course this is not bulletproof, but you can also download a spyware on your PC, which will send you all kinds of notifications if anything suspicious occurs. This is a pretty good strategy in order to secure your email.

Perform a verification of your email settings

Hackers can also change the settings of your account, so that any type of email you receive is directly sent to their inbox. This will allow them to find all kinds of bank info and other personal and private documents. You can avoid this by verifying your email forwarding settings. Also check to see if the auto-responder hasn’t been modified.

Check for malware

You computer must be updated constantly and must have an anti-virus as well. Ignoring this aspect, will make you a sure target for hackers. They could “plant” all kinds of codes that will allow them full access to your email. So, before logging into your back account, for example, you must make sure your computer is risk free.

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