WhatsApp Web Free Download Latest APK On Mozilla Firefox and Opera

When WhatsApp release a Desktop version of this application, it worked only with the Chrome browser. But there are million of people using Firefox and Opera as well, so a version for these browsers was inevitable. And the developers are improving this application continuously, working on its features and fixing bugs to provide a better user experience.

WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, after Zuckerberg spent 19 billion dollars to purchase it from two former employees of Yahoo!, who released this application in 2009. Those two friends had a vision, money and ambition and they got their revenge on Facebook for not hiring them after leaving Yahoo!, so after they made sure this application has a future, they sold it to the person who didn’t want them in his company.

Anyway, WhatsApp grew up fast in popularity and before Facebook bought it, it already had 500 million active users. Then, after it was taken over by Facebook, the application gained another 200 million users and the number keeps increasing, and now that the developers brought the Voice Calling feature, more people will register to WhatsApp. However, as you know, this feature can be activated only if you receive a voice call from someone who got the chance to enable it after receiving a call from another contact that got it, and so on.

WhatsApp was released for the most important six mobile operating systems and a PC version was required, so that the application can be accessed from a computer. In January, WhatsApp Web made its appearance, but it was available only for Chrome. Later, the company released a web version for Firefox and Opera allowing the users to log into their WhatsApp accounts and sync messages with their smartphones and to write messages using a physical keyboard.

Launch you browser and head to web.whatsapp.com. On this page, you’ll see a QR code which you’ll need to scan with your phone’s camera. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone, go to Settings and click on WhatsApp Web. Scan the QR code and automatically, you will log into your account on Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

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