How to See Location of Picture Taken by a Mac

Almost every digital camera equipped with Android or iPhone is backed up by a unique feature that will let you know about location of a picture taken from it using the device’s GPS. It pinpoints the exact location of a photo and then loads it up into metadata of the picture taken. A user can turn off geotagging from their iPhones or iPad if they want to.

The Mac has a Previewer app that makes locating exact location easily from the map as it will pin point all the locations from where the said pictures were taken. You can also get precise GPS coordinates from there as well. But make sure that this feature can be enabled only where a picture is equipped with GPS coordinates and the user did not turn off the geotagging ability from their Android, iOS or Windows phone.

How to View the Exact Location from Mac OS X Yosemite

You need to have a Mac installed with OS X Yosemite 10.10x or later version so Previewer can map the pictures accurately. Follow these easy steps to attain the exact and precise coordinates of any picture backed up with geotagging:

  • Open a picture on Previewer (Make sure this will only work if you have a geotagged picture)
  • Pull down the ‘Tools’ and select Show Inspector from the list
  • Click (i) tab, then choose the GPS tab
  • Wait for a while so map can load picture’s exact location
  • Click Show in Maps to open the exact location within the Maps app to get an enlarged and proper view

If you do not see any GPS tab then the picture probably is not loaded with geotagging. Initially you can download a geotagged picture from internet and try these settings before trying on your original ones. Usually not every digital camera has this feature to geotag as they do not have any GPS attached with them. It is recommended to use pictures taken from a smartphone; let it be Android, iOS, or Windows phone, as they have high chances of having this feature with their digital cameras.

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