Roku 4 And The Fourth Gen Apple TV To Be Released This Summer

This summer will be very hot! The video-streaming market is looking forward to welcome two new versions of Roku and Apple TV and they’re expected to land in a few months. Currently, the fans can buy the third versions of both products, whose prices dropped significantly from $100 to $79 (Roku 3) and from $99 to $69 (Apple TV third generation).

More and more people are moving away from cable and they prefer to stream content from the internet, using a set top box that connects to a TV and streams from the internet or from a device (PC or smartphone). Roku and Apple have been in direct competition for a while, but they have also serious competitors such as Amazon TV or Google’s Chromecast or Nexus Player.

This year, Roku has big plans for its users, who will enjoy watching 4K UltraHD picture quality videos on their flatscreen TVs and they will stream content from Netflix, one of the most popular channels.

Apple doesn’t care much about high resolutions because it has another ace up its sleeve. The fourth generation Apple TV will stream HBO, exclusively, and the users will get to watch the famous Game of Thrones series in real time, without having to wait for the show to be uploaded on torrent websites and to download episodes from there.

Roku offers HBO Go, but the users need to pay for a cable subscription instead for the box itself. However, according to the latest rumors, Apple may sign a deal with Comcast, to run programs from this cable company through its set top box. Meanwhile, Apple struck a deal with CBS, ABC and Fox and the users can stream their content through Apple TV. With the addition of Comcast, the customers no longer have to struggle with their outdated hardware, since they’ll use Apple TV as an intermediary.

The Apple TV was set to be launched in March, but Apple didn’t reach a common point with other cable companies and the release was postponed for this summer. In June, the company will attend a developer conference in San Francisco and most likely will make use of this opportunity to announce the new Apple TV version.

Roku 4’s released was also delayed for this summer, but the company didn’t announce the reasons. Many are speculating that Roku is monitoring Apple’s moves and will come with the new device after Apple will take the final step.

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