Rockstar vs. Hackers: Getting Rid of Spam Invites

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GTA Online has been taken over by players and bots who spam invite others. This has been happening over the last few weeks. Users are sometimes dragged into lobbies and forced to watch from the spectator mode.

On social media, the online community has talked about their opinions. Finally, it appears that Rockstar Games is working on a solution for this problem.

Is there a solution to this problem?

As usual, an industry insider has responded to this problem. According to him, Rockstar is aware of the new bug impacting the game and is working on a solution.

These issues have created a lot of problems for players, and everyone has complained. The community decided to do something about it themselves, so they came up with a fix to block the invites until developers find something permanent.

How has the problem affected the game?

GTA Online is very fun to play, but situations like these can be very annoying, especially with hackers roaming around all over lobbies.

This new problem, which forces players into spectator lobbies or has them receiving spam invites, is making almost everyone mad. A few people chose to see the funny side of things and jokes around on the internet, even making memes.

Invites arrive every two minutes on average, and blocking the certain person on Social Club has no effect.

The spectator mode hack forces all players into a single lobby and has them all be spectators, with no prior knowledge or permission. And because of this problem, many gamers have been unable to play the game for several days.

People on the internet started talking about some fixes that work for some, but not for everyone. As of now, we are waiting to get the official fix from Rockstar.

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