A Fan Made a Nintendo DS Using Joycons and a Foldable Phone and We’re Excited

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Finding a Nintendo DS isn’t simple, but thanks to a clever hack from a dedicated fan, anyone can now build their own DS using a foldable phone and JoyCons!

Nowadays, 3D printers are capable of doing some incredible things and producing one-of-a-kind items. Hopefully, clever gamers will use these 3D printers to create items that will provide them with a completely new gaming experience using devices they already own.

We’re talking about something that happened not so long ago.  With a smartphone and a pair of JoyCons, a skilled fan made a custom Nintendo DS-like gaming console!

 JoyCons and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and how they work together

One of the first Samsung smartphones to allow users to fold their phones, the Galaxy Z Flip seems to be even more useful now. A creative fan has decided to exploit the incredible ability of the phone in order to make a homemade Nintendo DS based on Android!

So he 3D-printed an adaptor that supports the smartphone in the middle and included attachable rails for JoyCons.

When you place the phone on the adapter half-folded, it almost appears like a Nintendo DS screen, especially with the two JoyCon controllers there, which are connected through Bluetooth. That’s all he did.  He now owns an Android-powered Nintendo DS!

According to a Reddit user, he started to use the DraStic emulator on the Galaxy Z Flip. He directly uploaded key mapping to Switch JoyCons, as it’s similar to how the keys are placed on a Switch or DS.

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