Rainbow Six Extraction: These Are All of the Operators Available at Launch

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Rainbow Six Extraction will be here soon, and humanity relies on you. The game was first spotted back at E3 2019, when it was teased by Ubisoft. Players will fight against some mutated creatures that are trapped inside a facility. For each mission, you will team up with two friends to get into one of these facilities. You will need to do rescue missions, data collection or getting rid of a specific creature. You will be able to choose an operator, but keep in mind that if you die in a mission, your operator will be trapped on the same map, and you will need to rescue him in your next mission.

These are the operators available at launch

Tachanka comes as the pre-rework version. Tt’s good for securing an objective.

  • Primary Weapon: SASG-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun
  • Ability: Mountable LMG (2x)

Fuze comes with his cluster charge, and it makes him ready to hit any area at any point. You don’t have to worry about killing hostages.

  • Primary Weapon: 6P41 LMG
  • Ability: Cluster charge


Capitao is the same one you’ve already met in Rainbow Six Siege, and it comes with the same abilities. That crossbow is still the star of the game, with the smoke and venom projectiles.

  • Primary Weapon: PARA-308
  • Ability: Smoke and Venom bolts


Rook will help you a lot in preparing your missions. He can increase your health bar before your start fighting.

  • Primary Weapon: P90
  • Ability: Armor plates


Jager has changed a bit since last time. His ADS now is some kind of a turret, which can both attack the mutants, and catch their projectiles.

  • Primary Weapon: M870 Shotgun
  • Ability: Automated deployable turret


IQ still has the ability to scan REACT equipment – health, grenades, secondary gadgets.

  • Primary Weapon: AUG A2
  • Ability: Scans REACT equipment


Gridlock throws her gadgets that can send multiple traps around itself. If an enemy walks over it, it will lose speed and health.

  • Primary Weapon: F90
  • Ability: Deployable traps


Nomad has its AK-74 for the missions, shooting any enemy that walks into its radius zone. It’s basically an easy kill.

  • Primary Weapon: AK-74M
  • Ability: Air-jab (detonatable proximity mines)


Smoke is the same, but with Sledge’s L85A2 assault rifle, without its own FMG-9.

  • Primary Weapon: L85A2
  • Ability: Remote gas grenade


Ela is a polish defender, that brings the Grzmot mines to the REACT missions. It can reduce the movement speed.

  • Primary Weapon: Scorpion EVO 3
  • Ability: Grzmot (proximity) mines


Sledge has its hammer and shotgun, that can do miracles in order to reach the objective faster.

  • Primary Weapon: M590A1 Shotgun
  • Ability: Tactical hammer


Alibi has probably the trickiest gadget of all. You can just throw the holographic version of Alibi, and the creatures will attack it. It’s so much fun.

  • Primary Weapon: Mx4 Storm
  • Ability: Prisma (Deploys a holographic idol operator)


Lion’s movement detection gadget is very helpful in missions. You can find the location of the enemies and where they’re going.

  • Primary Weapon: V308
  • Ability: EE-ONE-D (Detecting any enemy movement)


Vigil will stop cameras from finding him, plus, he will be hidden from the enemies for a limited period of time.

  • Primary Weapon: K1A1
  • Ability: Goes undetectable for enemies


Hibana comes with the same weapons and abilities as Siege, and it’s still a good choice.

  • Primary Weapon: Type-89
  • Ability: X-Kairos hard-breach charges


Finka can be useful for the entire squad. Keep in mind, health is important.

  • Primary Weapon: Spear .308
  • Ability: Adrenal Surge (Temporary health boost for all players)


Pulse can use its gadget to find creatures through walls and floors, and it can announce its teammates about the danger.

  • Primary Weapon: M1014 Shotgun
  • Ability: Detects enemies nearby


Doc will also help in keeping you healthy by using its Stim Pistol.

  • Primary Weapon: SG-CQB Shotgun
  • Ability: Healing pistol
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