GTA Online: Getting the Pastel Green Smoking Jacket Has Never Been Easier

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If you play GTA Online, you know that there are a lot of surprises awaiting you, and one of them is a certain Short Trip mission that will get you a free Pastel Green Smoking Jacket.

This coat first made its appearance back in 2017, in the Easter event. And now, you finally have another chance of winning it. And all you need to do is to run an Agency and complete a VIP Contract. Then, you will be given access to the mission.

The jacket is actually identifiable by its powdered color scheme, so it will definitely make you the star in the lobby. You should definitely take a chance on it.

So if you want to update your wardrobe, you can always put on this Pastel Green Smoking Jacket.

Completing the Short Trip mission

  • Before you can start with the mission, you firstly need to:
  • Buy an Agency property – that costs from $2,010,000 to $2,830,000
  • Complete a Security Contract – this will unlock the next part for you
  • Complete all of the VIP Contract missions for Dr. Dre
  • You will get invited by Franklin to Record A Studios

After you get to the studio, you will get to play either as Franklin, or as Lamar. This chance is actually what the Short Trip missions mean. When you complete one, you will get a Pastel Green Smoking Jacket for free.

There are three missions in total

  • Short Trip – Seed Capitol: defend a warehouse from the Vagos
  • Short Trip – Fire it Up: go to a Vagos hideout and make them pay for what they’ve done
  • Short Trip – OG Kush: survive an ambush from the Vagos

It’s a very nice reward for your work. You only need to complete the first one to get the jacket.


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