PS4 Launch Title Driveclub Had Too Many Technical Issues


When Sony proudly took the stage to unveil their latest and greatest Playstation 4 console in 2013, the company also confirmed that Driveclub, a social driving game is going to be one of their best launch titles.

The game showed some impressive graphics and had excellent car handling from what was shown during the reveal. But, when the console finally made its way to the store, there was no Driveclub for players to play.

The developers announced that due to some unforeseen circumstances, they have decided to postpone the release date of the game to early 2014. But, it didn’t happen as early as they promised and now Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida says that it was because the game had too many technical issues that needed an immediate fix.

Social Racing at Its Best

Driveclub was said to be a unique attempt by Sony in association with Evolution Studios to deliver the first social car racing experience. Players will be able to communicate with their friends in real time, share racing pictures online and team up with others in the virtual world to participate in amazing modes. Everything sounds good on paper but so far, we haven’t got an opportunity to see the game on the screen. In the month of April this year, the game director Paul at Evolution Studios came out to announce the news that there is further delay in getting the title ready for release. He also added that the delay is because of one unique feature, the dynamic menu system that has been giving them trouble and only when it gets fixed, they will be able to bring out the game to the public.

Issues Fixed Now

While the history looks really bad for Driveclub, Sony’s Yoshida is really happy with what the team has come up with. “We are really delighted to see the game and it looks like how our team always imagined it,” he said during a recent interview. “The game looks really different than what people are used to so far. I personally had a chance to play most other racing games at E3 expo and I confidently feel that Driveclub is different if it is pitted against all other titles in the same genre. However, I can’t comment on this and it is the people who should tell us how good it is when the game officially gets launched. I don’t see any direct competition for the title but let’s wait and see,” said Yoshida.

Driveclub has been confirmed to get launched for Playstation 4 on September 30 along with Forza Horizon. The coming fall season is really crowded with a lot of other racing titles including Ubisoft’s much praised The Crew, another social gaming game which allows players to team up in an open world as well as Project Cars. We can’t say which game is going to win the crown but it looks like the season is going to be the brightest of all for fans who love the racing games genre.

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