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If you still haven’t started using Gmail, then you are missing out on an amazing medium of exchanging e-mails. Gmail has been the master, when it comes to sending mails, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc are way behind. What is not to love about Gmail? It has so many features which ease sending, receiving and assorting e-mails.

The Filters

Organizing e-mails was never easier. With the help of G-mail filters the users can quite easily assort e-mails in a number of ways; there are ways in which you can filter unwanted emails from social networking sites, advertisers, newsletters from shopping sites etc.


Just like a school kid memorizes chemistry formulas, you will have to memorize a few keyboard shortcuts to improve your Gmail experience. You can check the shortcuts on Gmail or on the internet and mug them up to go through mails quickly and easily.

Priority Inbox

This tool is great for those who are constantly bombarded by emails and do not know which to read first. This tool helps in sorting out from the many mails and prioritizing it, so that going through a barrage of e-mails becomes very easy. You can star mark an email in case you wish to go back to it again. So the spam messages go to the spam box while the others are listed in different departments so that you can easily go through them. It filters out on the basis of the types of mails you frequently read and marks the sender too.

Muting Conversations

B2B messages are great, but there are times when we feel sick and tired of them, but cannot unsubscribe because of a number of reasons. Muting conversations will definitely help in avoiding those extra notifications which can sometimes prove to be a pain.

The Free Video Chat Feature

Free video chats are a great USP of Gmail. It enables all the users with a Gmail id to video chat with all their friends, family, acquaintances and business colleagues who have an id in the same platform. So if you do not want to install a new app like, Skype, you can always make use Gmail, to video chat. All you need is a webcam, microphone and speakers and you will be sorted

Offline Gmail

This tool is an advantage for those businessmen who travel frequently and often find themselves without Wi-Fi or internet services on the flight. It enables the user to check their mails, even without a proper internet access. There is a feature called Google gear, which enables the user to open the Gmail app even without internet connectivity and go through the previous mails.

SMS Gmail

This way you will be able to check out your mails on the go, without having to open an app or a web browser. It is a nice feature for those who are always in a hurry. Google has security features which will disallow spam and marketing messages to reach you on SMS.

Integrate Mails From Different Accounts

If you happen to have more than one Gmail account, then you can integrate them into a step-by-step program and use it easily to access e-mails from other accounts as well. This feature is an added bonus for Gmail users and speed up the mailing process.

Secure Your Inbox

Security is one of the foremost priorities in Gmail. So make sure to check on the Gmail security checklist to ensure that everything is safe and working well.

Overall Verdict

Gmail is an amazing e-mail sending and receiving platform which has changed the way of correspondence. It is an excellent tool with a number of features that have benefited many. Switch to Gmail today for these ample advantages.

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