Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training Tricks for Poke Pelago, Festival Plaza

Pokemon Sun and Moon have a new exploit in where you can raise your EV points exponentially. Learn this method by reading this article!

The competition on the Pokemon Sun and Moon is pretty stiff. Trainers all over the world are finding ways to train the EV of their Pokemon.

Since the removal of horde battles and Super Training on the system, players are already struggling with EVs. Fortunately, we gathered some tips and tricks to survive such tribulations.

The EVs or the Effort Value are essential for a Pokemon to get strong in a specific state. They are different from Individual Values (IVs), which is the intrinsic attributes of the Pokemon.

On the other hand, EVs can be earned from battles and other available methods in the game. You add them to one of the six primary stats of a Pokemon to make them stronger at such aspect.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: EV Training Tricks With Poke Pelago

There is a way to increase the stat of a Pokemon easily and conveniently. The secret lies up on Poke Pelago, specifically on the Isle Evelup.

Complete a Playtime Session in the area. This will gain you four EV points. The usual session lasts for 30 minutes. However, if you use Poke Beans, the time would be cut in half.

Moreover, you can configure the number of Play Sessions you want to accomplish. In short, you have the freedom to let the entire process be done automatically within a specified period. You can do this even if your 3DS is turned off.

If the original time of completion is 30 hours, program your Poke Beans to take effect for at least 15 hours. This completion is long enough already and will require you to have Rainbow Poke Beans.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: EV Training Tricks With Festival Plaza

There are several facilities in the Pokemon Sun and Moon to earn EV points. Such of these are the Friendship cafe and some restaurants.

For example, the Festival Plaza has a meal that can increase the EV points of your Pokemon. However, these meals can be ordered once a day. Therefore, it is a time-consuming method. If you want a faster and effortless EV trick, then you should opt for the Poke Pelago method.

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