WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger – Best Titans Specs and Features

As you may or may not know, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for the price of $19 billion. Messenger and WhatsApp is considered a powerful merge that is now owning 79% of the instant messaging marketplace. Below, we will “dissect” these two titans Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in terms of specs and other key features:

IM matters

The old fashioned SMS has its days counted. According to Jan Koam( WhatsApp CEO) the app handles almost 18 billion text messages/day. People will soon get tired of the SMS and will reach out to apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to keep in touch.


Facebook Messenger won’t cost you a penny and it can be set up from the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can simply log into your account with your Facebook data or you can add your phone number instead.

WhatsApp sees adverts as foes and it has come up with a new strategy to roll in the big bucks from those using the app. You get to use the app free of charge in the first year and after the grace period is over, users will need to pay 0.99 USD/ year if they wish to continue using WhatsApp.

Conclusion: Because Messenger is free and has no “grace period”, it takes the lead here.

User Interface

WhatsApp is a bit disappointing to some when it comes to its overall aspect. It looks a bit “moth-eaten “and is in desperate need of a new UI.

Facebook Messenger is quite the opposite in terms of design. It has a pretty neat design and the interface is very user-friendly and dynamic. You have three main sections here: one is the Chat Logs, you have the Contacts and Settings. If you take a closer look inside the Contacts option, there are 2 more choices: Messenger and Active. The former contains the people who are using the Messenger app whereas the latter is for those who are online, but are on the Facebook site chat client.

Conclusion: Facebook Messenger tops WhatsApp again.

Key features:

  1. WhatsApp contains:
  • Image
  • Video &Audio
  • Updating your Location
  • Contact – you can send your contact info to a friend( also a WhatsApp user)
  1. Facebook Messenger contains:
  • Image
  • Video& Audio
  • Image Search – you can use Bing to look for photos online if you want to share them in a chat

Final thoughts:

Those who are addicted to WhatsApp will never let go or change sides. Also if most of your friends are on WhatsApp, you will definitely remain faithful to the latter. Eventhough Messenger is packed with the same features as WhatsApp and it does have a more polished design, there is still a long way to go before it becomes the major hit that is WhatsApp. In the end, it all comes down to your preferred choice.


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