Oppo R7 Set to Regain the World’s Slimmest Phone Title

This year, it seems like slimmest phones will try another trick to further wow customers.

It seems like the goal for 2015 will be to produce a bezel free smartphone, and Oppo is very close to that with the R7. Latest videos of the Oppo R7 show how the phone might look. Here is what we know.

Design and Display

The design of the R7 shows incredible resemblance to Apple’s iPhone 6, to the point that reports suggest that the screen size of the two phones is identical at 4.7 inches. If the company does reduce the size of the display, it will be a different approach from the one in the Oppo R5, when the phone had a 5.2 inches display. But what is most important for Oppo’s strategy is the thickness of the phone. The R5 held the title “world’s slimmest phone” for some time, and the R7 looks to regain it. At the moment, the slimmest phone is the Vivo X5 Max at 4.75mm thickness. It seems like the Oppo R7 will go down to at least 4.6mm. But we will have to wait and see.

Specs Rumors

In the hardware department, it looks like the bezel free R7 can compete with some of the flagship phones on the market. For now, there aren’t many rumors and reports, but some point to the possibility of the Oppo R7 being powered by a 64-bit MediaTek chipset. This will be the same octa core processor that HTC placed in the HTC One M9 Plus. The chipset will be fast enough, but not on the level as the usual phones (Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4, HTC One M9). However, the R7 has a different goal in mind, and that is the slimmest title. There are rumors about the camera being a 20-MP sensor, which will put the phone on the same level as most of the flagships in 2015.

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