Nintendo NX Console May Focus on Virtual Reality Games

The latest rumor that has been making rounds is that Nintendo is planning to launch a virtual reality headset with their NX console.

Recently, they confirmed that it is not going to be Android based, which is a relief.

They also added that the console will be something groundbreaking, similar to how Wii changed the gaming scenario in the past. While big companies like Microsoft and Sony were stuck with controllers, Nintendo made a bold move with motion sensors. All you have to do is swing your wii stick towards the screen to smash your tennis ball. Till date, it is easily the best console that doesn’t have a proper predecessor yet, because the Wii U tried a different route and failed or at least didn’t meet consumer expectations.

VR is the Rage

Every company, including Nintendo clearly knows that virtual reality is all the rage at the moment. Microsoft has their Holo Lens with 3D projection while Valve is really busy bringing Steam games to Oculus Rift, whereas Sony has their project Morpheus. With everyone already joining the VR race, it is no surprise that Nintendo will be doing the same. It is not known whether the upcoming NX console will purely focus on virtual reality gaming or will have it reserved for a specific set of titles; either way it is going to be VR friendly on launch.

More First Party Titles

Nintendo has tasted ample success with their Wii U console when Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 got launched. The console lacked good first party titles which led to its obvious failure and such mistakes will not be repeated with NX console. At least, a dozen games have been planned to be launched along with the console so that it becomes an instant hit in the market.

Lack of first party titles is a problem not only faced by Nintendo but also by Microsoft and Sony with their Xbox One and PS4 machines. If the company could eradicate it at launch, they are sure to sell a lot of consoles. Besides, Nintendo has a strong schedule of their console at least a year earlier before their competitors do. This will give them the much needed head start to attract audience before the next Playstation or Xbox could land. Let us know what are the features and games that Nintendo NX should have in the comments section below.

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