Nintendo Confirms List of Events with a Hilarious E3 2015 Trailer

Nintendo is easily a company that is too excited about the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 and they have revealed it openly in this hilarious new trailer.

After all, the company is coming back to attend the event in person after a long break. Due to the poor success of the Wii U console and the lack of amazing titles to announce, they stayed out of the limelight for too long. The show was hugely dominated by Microsoft and Sony while Ubisoft, EA kept announcing sequels to game franchises that they already have done multiple times. But, this year everything is going to change for the first time in many years. First of all, there is going to be a dedicated PC Gaming Show with some of the best hardware manufacturers and game developers taking to the stage. And, there’s Nintendo with their mind blowing announcements.

E3 Schedule

In the official teaser video which is completely hilarious, Nintendo has revealed the list of events they are going to host at the E3 2015. The biggest and the best of them all is the World Championship 2015 which is going to take place almost after 25 years. Everything that has been lost in time is now being brought back to life and if others do the same, the gaming industry could get a new lease of life.

The championship tournament will take place on June 14, Sunday which will be followed by the Digital Event on Tuesday and the Treehouse Live @E3 has been scheduled to take place on the show floor. The special Nintendo Access program will allow the media and some select people to witness the Mario Maker in person and there is more which the company promised to reveal in the upcoming days.

An Overhauled Expo

Electronic Entertainment Expo is definitely being overhauled for the first time. Because of the lack of proper games and ability to recoup the investment, the organizers decided to stop doing the show every year. When everyone thought it died completely, the expo sprung back to action because of the next gen consoles. But, it has been losing its glamour of late because Microsoft and Sony are unable to keep the audience engaged.

However, this year with Nintendo actively participating in the event, it is going to be completely different and much better. PC Gaming Show will have attendees including AMD, Nvidia among others that ensures E3 wouldn’t die that easy.

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