The Sims 4 Get to Work Lets you Run a Bakery and Be a Local Star

For players who have never done anything related to business in real life, playing the Sims 4 might be an all new experience because it is not just about making money but about befriending customers, building the neighborhood and much more.

The Get to Work expansion pack for the game is coming soon which brings four different professions for players to explore. For a long time, everything was accessible in the game except for their career. The Sims used to go to work, earn and come back to home. You never had direct control over what they did and what they didn’t do. The upcoming expansion pack changes this completely which makes it a worthy addition to your arsenal. You can enjoy building your own business, becoming a scientist or even be a cop to solve some confusing murder cases. It’s purely an individual decision.

Retail Business Owner

Owning and running a local business is a tough job. But, if you are up for the challenge, being a business person can be exciting. The official blog has revealed the life of being the owner of a bakery and she’s not happy with the way it is. The place is so dull, has no customers and is in the verge of closing down. But, the story doesn’t end so easily. Instead, she has a lot of currency left from her savings that she uses to build a basement.

The basement is filled with all kinds of bakery equipment that would help in her production including a special cupcake machine. She learns more recipes so as to impress the guests. The place is ready to be opened and serve customers in the area. Soon she starts becoming rich, hires an employer and becomes a successful entrepreneur.

Expanding Creative Minds

The Get to Work expansion pack in the Sims 4 is not only about doing different businesses but also about expanding the horizons to see how far it would go. There’s more to the creative ventures like running a studio, a company and many more areas. Every job needs some creativity put into it so as to lure customers. If you successfully manage to accomplish it, winning the game will not only be satisfying but might making you want more. The game is now available on Mac platform as well while a next gen console version is in the near future.

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