Nintendo 3DS Title Attack on Titan Gets Name Change in Europe

The Nintendo 3DS console has some of the best exclusive titles and the upcoming Attack on Titan Humanity in Chain is a worthy add-on.

However, the game faces an issue now.

While the game is popular and is one of the popular ones on the 3DS platform, it is now facing an issue in the European region. The Humanity in Chain will be launched in the North American region in a week’s time but the release date in Europe has now been postponed. The game will get launched only when the publishers and the European government comes to amicable terms with regards to the name.

Copyright Issues

The name Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chain faces copyright issues in Europe and the title has to be changed before it could witness an official launch. The title is based on the popular Manga series and the anime television show. It is being launched in North America and you will be able to buy the Nintendo 3DS copy for a price of $40. While the pricing might sound high for a handheld version of the game, it has been this way on the platform for a long time because Sony’s PS Vita doesn’t give enough competition to it, making it the sole player in the market.

The title will be changed in the European version of the game. According to sources, the new title is Kyojin: Humanity in Chains. It is the same name that is being used in Japan and is the original title in the Japanese language which will be used in Europe as well.

Gameplay Features

Similar to many other Nintendo 3DS titles, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chain will support local co-op play, where four different players can team together to win missions. It is extremely fun, especially when you could play games along with your friends. You can also choose to go online to find people to play co-op with. An all new Attack on the Titan inspired theme is also being distributed as part of the game bundle.

Every person who buys the game will be eligible to download the theme for free. There is no word on release in other regions but media sources confirm the game will start rolling out to other countries as soon as the launch in Europe takes place successfully. The naming issue is expected to delay it a bit but it may not be too long, we hope.

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