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Minecraft for the PS3 and PS4 are two of the latest versions of Minecraft to be released, and many of the features from the PC version are slowly working their way onto the consoles. Whether this be in the form of horses, new bosses and other brand new features, or the recently hinted at mod features. First of all, why are mods currently not on the Playstation version of the games? This mainly boils down to the fact that console manufacturers have very locked down rules as to what you can do with the games running on them, and how you can modify the files. This seriously inhibits users from simply adding their own mods to the game.

So, how would mods arrive? The recent activity with their twitter feed and indeed the latest we’ve heard from various interview suggests that 4JStudios themselves may develop mod like features for the game, and release them as DLC which can be enabled and disabled, essentially creating a mod launcher, mods and the ability to download them all in one package. Unfortunately this would also come with a price tag presumably, but this does present some exciting possibilities.

So what could we expect from these home grown mods? First of all, popular mods from the PC in their current form is off the table in large part. These mods are owned by their creators and getting the rights is possible, but as the texture packs have proved the issues revolving this are a little trickier to obtain than it might seem on the surface, meaning that PC mods in their current form are not very likely.

What would we see though? Custom maps with custom rules would make a lot of sense, bundling them together in a package sort of similar to a mash up pack is right now. These customized rules could be simple things like different gravity, or limits on what blocks you start with and can use, in addition to a few slightly zanier rules on the map such as strange terrain effects and custom villager trades.

Alternately they could take them a step further with maps which extensively use mods, examples are the ability to make crouching something which acts as bone meal for every item, automatic items being given fro certain tasks, and having map boundaries which increase as you do more things related to the map. These are all very achievable simple things, and unfortunately more likely than massive mod packs like tekkit are.

So, mods are coming in a more console specialised form; and they’ve been hinted as a reasonably soon development. Unfortunaelty besides the fact that PC mods are a long shot, to find out more we’ll have to wait and watch the situation!

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