Subway Surfers vs. Temple Run 2 Free Download – Which is the Most Attractive Game?

Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2 are two of the most popular games in the endless running genre, available for mobile games.

Temple Run was the original game that came to the playstores first and it debuted first on the iOS devices. Following the popularity of the original game, Temple Run 2 was released as a sequel. Both the games are great fun and very addictive, so it is merely a matter of opinion regarding which one is better.

Goals and Objectives – Similarities

You can play both these games on your iOS devices or Android devices. Both are endless running games and are the single player mode games. Both the games also come with a similar objective, where the player has to keep running and protect himself from dying. There are also many barriers and obstacles on the path and he has to avoid these. As the player runs, he has to also collect coins and gems along the way. There are also different types of powerups available for collecting. These powerups can be used in the game play and will help you to get ahead and clear the levels of the games. You cannot play these games using Facebook or on a laptop or computer, as it will need a touchscreen.

Unique Appeal

The games are very appealing in their own distinctive way. For instance, Subway Surfers offers very engaging graphics and the visuals are great. However, Temple Run 2 is also equally engaging and is not inferior in any manner. The team developing Subway Surfers has done a great job of creating a flying character that slides down when a train hits him.

Interesting Gameplay

Both games are very interesting, but Temple Run 2 is a little more serious, whereas Subway Surfers is lighter. The upgrades and the power ups that are offered in Temple Run 2 are a little better, though both are equally exciting. The missions or the goals that you have to accomplish are quite simple in Temple Run 2 and it is a very straightforward game on the whole. Subway Surfers, on the other hand, offers a new approach and brings in various directions for completing a mission. The missions are a little more challenging in Subway Surfers, but in both the games, they are exciting and unique.


Subway Surfers mainly requires swiping of the finger. The path is a semi curved one and you can see an obstacle or a train coming from afar. This makes it easier to clear the obstruction and survive. However, in case of Temple Run 2, you have to use the tilting control, that is, you have to tilt the phone or the tablet for gathering coins and for getting boosts that are available on both sides of the path. You will always be on this path and have to take a left or a right turn, so it becomes more difficult to prepare yourself for the obstructions.


Subway Surfers is a mild, fun and easygoing game that is very addictive. The graphics are very colorful and you will never get bored with the setting. On the other hand, Temple Run 2 is a little more serious and a little dangerous. Children might find the graphics of Subway Surfers more appealing. Subway Surfers also has many types of power ups, such as coin magnets or jet packs and shoes with which you can jump over a train and so on. You can also increase the time for which these powerups last, using the in app currency. The powerups are available for all the characters as well. The controls are easier and the paths are proper, whereas you can die in Temple Run 2 even though it is not your fault, which could be rather frustrating.

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