New Nexus Player vs. Roku 3 Comparison Review and Hardware Specs

The problem with HD televisions is that they are never complete until you hook them up to a powerful set top box.

The newly launched Roku 3 box and the Nexus player are good options but which one should you choose?

An obvious question which can be easily answered! Start with your requirements, because if you know what you need, buying the right device is much easier. If you are looking for the widest collection of apps and channels to watch your favorite movie or television series, the Roku 3 is the best choice. But, if you need the latest version of Android Lollipop running on your television with some unique apps, games and the ability to get more things done on a HDTV, the Nexus player is an innovative and worthy idea to consider.

Who needs Roku 3?

Pure entertainment lovers, who love to watch movies endlessly on Netflix, catch up with the series on Hulu and occasionally try ESPN, should go with Roku 3. The latest version of the streaming set top box is more powerful than its earlier models. The only drawback is that the company is getting ready to launch the all new Roku 4. If they do so, it will easily be the best device for the next two years or more.

Rumors claim that the Roku 4 will come with 4K support, easy connectivity options, powerful processor and a better user interface. Either way, if content is king; going with a Roku device is the choice that you should make.

Who should go with Nexus player?

The Nexus player is a beautiful new device which comes with a solid black finish and is completely rounded. The remote is flat, has minimal buttons and looks very similar to the one provided with the Apple TV. The best aspects of the box are that it is very easy to hook up to your television and the interface is really cool.

People who have already tried Android would definitely love the interface and if you already used Google Cast services on your smartphone or tablet, sharing content is as easy as switching on your television. It doesn’t have the necessary apps that you need to stay entertained but as it is being backed by Google, the apps will soon roll out, we presume. The smartphone app among other aspects of the box has to be revamped so that it could compete with Roku.

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