Minecraft Xbox One TU23 Update – New Texture Pack

The xbox one is not the most commonly played version of Minecraft, being significantly beaten out by the PC, phones and even the xbox 360. This might lead many to think its support would start to drain but developer 4JStudios is keen to constantly prove the opposite, often even giving the xbox one content a few days before other consoles. Although TU23 isn’t a continuation of that trend, it is a bug fix which shows that even the smallest of bugs are not being tolerated, as it fixes a few very small but pertinent issues and adds a new piece of DLC, along with its trial.

First of all, the fixes:

– Fix for intermittent split-screen problem where players and mobs went invisible.
– Fix for a split-screen crash after prolonged gameplay.
– Fix for an issue causing client players to hang when creating a Wither.
– Fix for graphic corruption with Red Stone Comparator.
– Fix for a crash when a player is fishing.

All of these minor issues can be immediately fixed as soon as you download the update, which is available now. It also gives you immediate access to use the “trial version” of the pattern texture pack, which promises to be a bright, colourful texture pack full of… patterned textures.

This texture pack is overall pretty nice, and shows us how there is evidently room for more texture packs despite more than 10 already being available already, this texture pack is a colourful yet beautiful experience. Instead of going for the feel that comes with the cartoon texture pack, where everything is playfully stylised in a way that creates a child like feel, this texture pack just brings a great deal of colours and new textures to Minecraft, with every different group of blocks (planks, stones, wood, dirt) having their own brand new type of textures.

It is this which makes it feel like a texture pack built for the builders, as the whole host of new textures allows for a delightful range of new building ideas, so if there is something you’ve found yourself just unable to do in the default texture pack or indeed any other one of the texture packs, this is a texture pack that lets you do that.

Otherwise, it is actually just a pretty interesting texture pack for survival, being very bright in many ways but using a lot of slightly unique effects, such as colouring each biome hugely differently, with swamps being orange and jungle trees being bright pink, it definitely is a strange but unique experience which is worth checking out in trial form at the very least.

The pattern texture pack is available to download right now, and use on any world you’d like to put it on. It costs just £0.65 or $0.99, meaning if you’re at all tempted by it you can pick it up for a reasonably low price.

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