Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 TU22 Got Released – Features and More Fixes

The Title Update 19 was released back in December 18, 2014 and brought many new features to Minecraft’s console versions, but at the same time, a lot of issues and errors were found shortly after it was released.

4J Studios worked a lot on fixing these issues and they’ve released Title Update 20 on January 16, 2015 and a few weeks later on February 11, 2015 they’ve released another fix patch.

Without any doubt, this had to be done so that the Minecraft players can have the best time in their favorite game. Many Minecraft players hoped that the upcoming Title Update 22 will come with new features to the game, but it seems that developers disagree as they’ve just released the mentioned update and from the change log we’ve just read, it is clear that the new patch comes with more fixes that had to be done.

Here is the change log of Minecraft: Title Update 22

– Issue placing dispensers, droppers and pistons was fixed
– A quick move to the horse inventory was added
– Player privileges got some fixes
– Baby Zombies hit box size has been corrected
– “Where are we now” music disc has been added in the Survival Mode
– A bug that made the Chest not disappear after being destroyed has been fixed
– A bug that was causing player to get take fall damage while being in a boat has been fixed
– Lapis Lazuli block texture has been updated.

So, unfortunately for Minecraft player, the Title Update 22 doesn’t contain any new update, but hopefully the Title Update 23 will be the patch which will come with new features to this awesome game.

Over 500.000 Minecraft: PS4 editing sold in Japan

According to IGN, there are over 500.000 units Mincraft: PS4 units and over 200.000 PS Vita units sold in Japan. After Microsoft bought Minecraft, many believed that more and more Minecraft players will ditch their PlayStation consoles for the Xbox consoles. However, that didn’t happen since Microsoft made it clear the updates will continue on all consoles, regardless if they are owned by their company or by a rival company (Sony). Until now, Microsoft kept their word and it seems that the PlayStation consoles are still getting Minecraft updates.

It is good to know that PlayStation 4 comes with better graphics than Xbox One, but at the same time, it was proved that Xbox One runs some games better than PS4.

Do you think that Microsoft will decide to stop updating Minecraft for PlayStation consoles in order to make Minecraft fans to buy Xbox consoles?

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