Minecraft Xbox 360 Update: Rumored Release Date For Next Update

Minecraft on Xbox 360 recently received one of its largest updates ever. Fortunately, another update should arrive on the console within a few months. The update won’t be nearly as massive as the previous one, but players are always happy about such changes. Rumors have been flying about the release date, and a fairly accurate estimate is currently available. Therefore, players should start getting ready for the new changes coming to the console because they’ll only make the game more enjoyable.

What is Minecraft?

Of course, Minecraft was the original crafting and survival game that spawned countless imitators. The game allows creative players to build everything their imagination contains. Other players can hit Survival or Multiplayer mode and fight hostile mobs or even other players. Either way, the game provides hours of endless entertainment, and some impressive creations have come out of Minecraft. 4J Studios updates the game every few months in order to improve the experience and fix bugs or other issues.

What will the next update contain?

Likely, the next Minecraft update will only be a minor one, especially compared to the previous update. Players can expect a few new blocks and other items within the game. Most content from the update will revolve around bug fixes above all else, though. For that reason, Minecraft’s overall stability on the Xbox 360 should improve in a noticeable way. While the game is fairly stable, the update will address issues that haven’t been fixed yet but hinder players’ experiences all too often.

When will the update arrive on the Xbox 360?

Players can expect the next title update for this console within the next few months. Most rumors peg the release date as April 2015, which makes sense. Other rumors mention February 2015, but that’s too close for the date to make sense. Recently, 4J Studios announced that it was working on the next updates for Minecraft. A smaller update could come in February, but this particular update shouldn’t arrive until a couple months later. Those plants could change between now and then, though.

What about the other consoles?

Obviously, the other consoles can’t be forgotten when talking about Minecraft. The Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One should receive updates at the same general time as the Xbox 360. That’s how 4J Studios normally handles these updates, and such a situation shouldn’t change any time soon. Typically, the updates are very similar to each other, so players shouldn’t expect and surprises on each platform’s update. The next generation consoles could receive slightly more content, though.

Minecraft Still An Incredibly Popular Title

Since its release, Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning sales of over 50 million units. Millions of people of all ages play Minecraft on a daily basis. Thousands of YouTube videos have been uploaded that involve the game, and Minecraft has grossed millions of dollars across video games and merchandise. In the end, this update for the Xbox 360 is only going to improve the game in a positive way. The earliest the update will arrive is February 2015, but April is a possibility for a larger update, too.

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