Our Top 5 Routers From Netgear

With just under two decades of activity Netgear managed to become one of the leading brands in terms of consumer grade networking equipment. Some of their routers are actually rated as some of the best in the industry due to their overall quality of build and reliability. Out of all their models only 5 made it to this top 5 list and each one of them comes with its own particular advantage that deems it worth to spend money one. Let begin with number 5.

  1. RangeMax WNR1000

The RangeMax WNR1000 is one of the cheapest models sold under the Netgear brand. It is what some might call an emergency purchase if the old router broke down. The model offers an extended range and extra performance over Wireless-N standard. It is an all-round balanced router that offers just enough for a simple user or for someone with a limited budget.

  1. N300 WNR2020v2

When it comes to indoor use the N300 seems to perform better than most other routers. This white slim box comes with two large antennas that are able to distribute the signal quite efficiently even through multiple walls thus making it a great pick for people that live in a house or an apartment with multiple rooms. It is inexpensive and quite reliable. It is not their top of the line product but it surely is a decent router.

  1. N750 WNDR4300

If it wasn’t for the price drop the N750 might have not made it to this top 5. It used to be an expensive router but now that it is being sold for a more reasonable price the model earned its spot amongst the best models manufactured by Netgear. The model offers dual-band technology which makes it not only fast but also compatible even with older devices that do not support Wireless-N. It has native support for network-attached printers and USB external drives as well as advanced monitoring tools that can be accessed over the internet.

  1. N900 WNDR4500

The N900 is one of those products that people buy just because they would look good on their desk. It is a great looking device that seems inspired by the N750 series but offers a few extra features besides its prettier outer shell. The router comes with QoS support that enables its users to allocate internet bandwidth separately for each application they use. This makes the router an excellent pick for gamers and people that tend to work on multiple things at the same time and need a proper router to manage their internet connection.

  1. Nighthawk X4 AC2350

Netgear took wireless routers to a whole new level with their Nighthawk X4 series. The router supports a total bandwidth of up to 2.33 Gbps which explains the use of a dual core processor to handle all this traffic. It comes with USB ports for external drives or printers, 4 antennas for better range coverage and a dynamic QoS management system that will make sure the bandwidth is allocated properly. It is the most expensive router in the list but it is also the more reliable one. It is well built, comes with an interesting design and offers many more features than one would expect from a consumer grade wireless router.

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