Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 Editions Receive Bug Fix Update

4J studios have actively fixed any bugs reported by players and recently they rolled out a bug fix update for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 edition.

If you haven’t had the chance to play the game recently, make sure to login to your account and download the patch that the developers have rolled out. While the next gen Xbox One version has received the patch along with the support for the pattern texture pack, the Xbox 360 edition has received only bug fixes so far. A couple of bugs have been pestering players lately which has now been fixed with this latest launch.

Official Changelog

The official change log for the newly launched patch has been posted in the Minecraft forum. Players who play on the Microsoft consoles have received five different fixes for the problems that they have faced so far. All of them are bugs that they gave them a tough time while playing. The first and most persistent was that whenever players tried playing the game in split screen format, the mobs suddenly vanished and sometimes even other players became invisible.

For a long time, people assumed that this could be some sort of gameplay feature, but it was later identified as a bug and reported. The fix has been rolled out for the same. Another issue was that whenever you or someone tried to create a wither, the game automatically crashed. It was an issue faced only by clients, which has also been fixed with this roll out.

Identified Bugs Fixed

Most bugs are identified by the developers 4J studios based on player feedback they receive on the official forums and comments section. Some players also had the issue where the Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions crashed after playing for a couple of hours. Such an issue has been found in many games when it consumes too much energy resources. But, that is an issue found only on PC games, but the consoles had this issue for some unsaid reason, which has been fixed with the latest patch roll out.

The released patch also fixes the visual issues found with a red stone comparator and the crashes that frequently occurred whenever a player went fishing. In other news, it has been confirmed that the pocket edition of the game has received boats, skins as well as the ability to go fishing. Xbox owners should download title update 23 to witness these changes.

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