Google Maps vs. Waze Free Download – Comparison of the Two Amazing Navigation Tools

Many of us are so used to having navigation apps helping us with our everyday travel that we cannot even imagine driving or traveling without them.

Waze and Google Maps are that kind of apps, as they are among the most popular navigation applications out there. Both of these apps are owned by Google, and are accessible for iOS and Android for free download. These apps are really great tools that ensure turn by turn directions and accurate navigation, as well as maps of your travel route and live maps. Although both Google Maps and Waze are great navigation tools, some will still prefer and choose one over the other. The apps’s performance and some features are usually crucial factors in choosing which one of these applications is the right one for you. So, let’s take a look at some of these specs and compare Google Maps and Waze.


It should be pretty easy and simple to decide which app’s design you like better, since Google Maps has a simple, intuitive design, while Waze features more complex design and interface. Waze features quirkier, more fun icons than Google Maps, but you could sometimes have issues understanding the meaning of all those icons. You could also inadvertently press some of the many Waze buttons, and slow yourself down and waste time when navigating. All in all, if you’re pretty clever with managing many icons and buttons on the navigation tool, then you won’t have any problems downloading Waze. However, those who like to have a clean interface and a map that is easy to read on their navigation app should definitely download Google Maps.


While Waze focuses on users who are driving, Google Maps is an app that will ensure options for your public transportation, walking, or biking that is really easy to navigate and follow. Also, if you want to easily find nearby venues, restaurants, or grocery stores, you just type in the idea in the Google Map’s search bar, and it will provide you with all the information and directions you need.

Again, Waze also has some attractive and interesting add-ons. For example, if you saw police officers or police cars somewhere by the road, you can pinpoint those places so the other drivers can avoid driving there or getting a speeding ticket. With Waze as a social GPS application, you can also add contacts, and check if some of your friends and contacts have been driving the same route or destination as you have.

Real-Time Updates

Regarding the real-time updates on traffic, Waze will provide you with a lot of really useful traffic information. Waze uses other users’ active and passive feedback on traffic and in this way provides you with constant real-time traffic information while driving. Waze will constantly update you with information on all traffic jams and accidents that could slow you down. You’ll also be able to avoid congestions by getting precise rerouting directions from Waze. Albeit Google Maps is now starting to introduce some of these great features, Waze will still ensure better real-time traffic updates.

Finally, if you want a navigation app that will suit you for not only driving, but for walking, public transportation and biking as well, you should probably choose Google Maps over Waze. But, if you want to have a navigation tool that is solely for driving, you should get Waze, since you’ll be provided with alternative and less-known routes, as well as some amazing add-ons and real-time traffic updates to help you with your everyday travel.

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