Blood Test Now Able To Predict Alzheimer: Study

A new study has revealed that onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be found by a blood test, showing the testing levels of fat in the blood can be helpful to envisage 90% accuracy in the coming next three years. The study is a new dawn to this disease where people suffering from this disease are consistently increasing.

Alzheimer’s disease silently attacks the brain with a slow process without any significant symptom. Drugs are not a very good viable treatment because the symptoms occur too late, so the study is also important because of its early prediction.

A group of scientists at Georgetown University in Washington DC collected blood samples of 525 people over the age of 70 and conducted the study for 5 years. They took 53 people who were suffering from mild cognitive impairment and another 53 who stayed mentally healthy. After the tests they found the difference in the levels of 10 lipids between two groups.

A successful diagnosis at the early stage is important in treating the disease. Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease has also deep impact on economic benefit.

Dr Simon Ridley, from the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK has said the study is encouraging and it’s a step forward to early diagnosis of the disease.

He said that to get the benefits of new drugs, it is significant to understand the early stages of the disease. If confirmed, this study could be a great tool for diagnosis Alzheimer’s patients.

However, the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dr. Doug Brown said that the test needs to be investigated further, otherwise it could pose ethical challenges.

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