LG G4 Applications Now Available for the LG G3 – How to Install Them?

With the new LG G4, the Korean company added some new features and applications that make the G4 experience special.

A plethora of new apps and features are available thanks to the new UX 4.0. However, thanks to some senior members of the XDA developers forum, users who have LG G3 can also install the new applications.

The New Applications

With the new flagship, the LG G4, LG introduced a series of new features and applications that make life easier, and the phone much more practical with improved functionality. Some of the new applications include LG Music, a special application for music download, LG Home for selection of home screen and changing the themes of the phone, LG Camera with new manual mode added and several camera features, LG File Manager for easier management of files and data and much more. All of the new applications for LG G4 can be manually installed on the G3. Every app is in an individual zip folder.

How to Install New Applications?

The first thing you need to do before installing new applications is to root your LG G3. The reason behind this is that some of the new apps from the LG G4 require changes to be applied manually. After you root your phone, connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, and go to the XDA-Developers forum. Search for the thread with LG G4 apps, and select the application you want to install. Download the zip file for every application, and then extract the files. You will probably be asked to restart your smartphone, and after that you will have all the new applications.

Should you install?

Before installing the new apps from the LG G4 eco system, it is worth noting that such change must affect your phone’s performances. The apps are made for a G4, not for a LG G3 model. This might result in slower performances, and some applications might not work on your G3. The reason is that the apps are not fully optimized for other devices. They are optimized for a G4 model. However, if you like to give your G3 a fresh look, go ahead and try the new applications.

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