iPhone 7 Release Date And Most Wanted Features For The Upcoming Flagship

Some of you may remember the Apple iPhone 6 rumor days like they were yesterday. Prepare to relieve them, as the iPhone 7 rumors have begun. Word has started to spread about Apple’s next installment in the iPhone device line. However, against the expectations of a lot of people, Apple seems to have their iPhone 7 plans reserved for 2016, not 2015. Instead of what everybody expected to be the iPhone 7, Apple is most likely to launch the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Reports place the iPhone 7 release date somewhere in the third quarter of 2016, while this year will host the release of the S models. The new 6S and 6S Plus will apparently come with the latest Apple SIM technology. There are also words about Apple releasing a device that features the 7360 LTE wireless modem chip from Intel, as reported by Venture Beat. This device is believed to be the much expected iPhone , but it will only come in 2016, regardless if it is or not.

As far or close the iPhone 7 release might be, one thing is for sure: Fans will expect nothing but the best from Apple. Here are some characteristics that they would love to see in Apple’s next iPhone flagship:

  • The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus showed that Apple can also be flexible, changing up the boring old design it was using since forever. Fans would enjoy seeing that again, especially if Apple decided to throw in a curved display.
  • With an overall compact configuration, today’s tech level considers 1 GB of RAM as being far from enough, so no one would mind Apple bumping their device up in this department, with at least 2 GB onboard.
  • No matter how many features you jam into a phone, and how high end its chassis looks and feels, it’s pretty useless if it doesn’t have a battery that can sustain the phone throughout the day. That’s why Apple should consider packing at least 3000 mAh under the iPhone 7’s hood.
  • Once all the basics are taken care of, a few fancy elements would also be appreciated, since iPhones usually cost a fortune. Some of the element Apple could incorporate would be wireless charging, which is becoming more and more of a thing, and the sapphire crystal for its display. The sapphire crystal was insanely rumored for the iPhone 6 Plus, but didn’t materialize.
  • Other features that would make the device that more appreciated would be a high quality camera, and a high resolution for its screen, so users can enjoy pictures that they take. The last iPhone came with 8 MP, so users might be expecting something above that, while the screen should try to go beyond the 326ppi standard imposed by the last device.

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