Minecraft PS4, Minecraft PS Vita and Minecraft PS3 Receive a Minor Patch Update

A few days ago, 4J studios confirmed that they will be launching a huge update for Minecraft on console platforms, before which a minor patch update has been rolled out for Minecraft PS3, PS Vita and PS4 editions.

The developers made a huge change in the game when they brought the title update 19. But, with every big release, obviously it brings a lot of bugs to the game. The horses were cool to ride, the red stones were simply awesome and there were some wither bosses to fight with. But, plenty of bugs were spoiling the game play experience, which 4J found a way to fix with patch updates. They released patches for the bugs so as to make it better and have almost succeeded in their attempt. In a recent tweet, the company also added that they are going to come up with something huge after this minor patch update.

New Skins for Alex

If you haven’t been following the news, Alex is the new female miner in the game. She is now available on Minecraft PS4, Minecraft PS3 and the handheld PS Vita versions. Alex is much thinner in appearance reports most players and she has blonde hair. Her hands are small but the gameplay experience still remains the same. The character can do all the actions that Steve has been doing so far.

With a view to allow players to enjoy having more variations, the game developers 4J studios have added multiple skins for Alex as well as Steve. You can change those skins so as to offer a different costume for her and make her suit your style of gaming. The default skin along with a dozen others should be available to you when you download the patch.

Modified Music Tracks

4J studios also confirmed in the change log that they have changed the music for Minecraft PS3, PS Vita and PS4 editions in the creative mode. The menu music has been modified in the front end so that the game now resembles the same tone that the Java version does.

The Simpsons skin pack has finally landed on the Playstation consoles after a short wait. It first came to Xbox consoles and a trial is now available on the Sony devices as well. You can explore them and if you like one, just purchase it so as to become Homer, Bart, Lisa or anyone else you love in the world. The shrubs can now be readily placed within pots.

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