Does Google Play Store Work On The Apple iPad?

These days, millions of smartphone users run Android OS on their devices. These smartphones (and tablets) feature the Google Play Store and services by default. Users don’t have to think twice about accessing these services at the touch of a button. Unfortunately, Apple iPhone and iPad users sometimes feel left out of the equation. Not all Google services are available on iPad tablets, and such users will have to deal with other limitations, too. Apple users aren’t completely left out of this equation today, though.

Apple Products And The Google Play Store

Currently, an Apple iPad of any generation cannot run or utilize the Google Play Store. Custom ROMs and other tweaks can make this possible, but the average user won’t try these workarounds. Downloading apps from the Play Store is out of the question here, and iPad users are well-aware of this fact. At this point, most apps available in the Play Store are available in the Apple App Store, too. Owners of the iPad shouldn’t feel left out here because they can access the majority of content available in Google’s app marketplace.

What about other Google Play Services?

Google has slowly been adding its Google Play services to devices running iOS. For instance, Google Play Music is now available on iPads and iPhones alike. The same applies to Google Movies & TV and a number of other services from the platform. This gives iOS users most of the features that Android OS users take for granted. However, the integration isn’t perfect, and certain features are stripped from the iOS versions of Google Play services. Apple provides a number of suitable and workable alternatives to these services, though.

Other Google Apps and Products

Gmail from Google and Google Drive are both available on Apple iPads right now. Each app works on iOS in a similar fashion to Android OS, which will make plenty of users happy. In today’s world, few email clients and cloud storage solutions are more popular than Gmail and Drive respectively. Other services should become available over time as Google attempts to integrate its services into iOS. Doing so allows the company to reach a broader user base and cut into Apple’s ecosystem.

Google Play Continues To Permeate Into iOS

In the past, very few Google apps and services were available on iOS. This frustrated plenty of users and prevented them from enjoying some of their favorite services. Google realize the potential rewards of offering its services to iPad and iPhone users. Likewise, even Apple realized the potential here, so both companies made it happen. While most Google Play services are available on iOS, a few major services have yet to reach the platform. Those additions could be in the works right now.

Either way, iPad users are no longer left out of the Google ecosystem. They can take advantage of a variety of apps and services developed by Google. Apple product owners now have more options aside from Apple’s in-house products and services. In the end, more options can only mean good things for the users.

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