iOS 9 vs Android M – What New Features Will Bring Apple and Google?

Every year, the giant companies are launching new operating systems. Apple is preparing to unveil iOS 9 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, in San Francisco, which will kick off on June 8 and will last five days. During this time, Apple will unveil the latest mobile operating system which will be more stable and which will require less amount of free space to install. The OS will have a bunch of new features and will support split-screen multitasking for iPad. Google will launch the new Android M sooner, on May 28, at its I/O 2015 event, and in addition to the usual upgrades for this version, the company will bring updates for Android Wear, as well.

Google Android M

Smartphones get stolen all the time or their owners simply lose them and of course, they lose pictures, messages and everything they store on their devices. To prevent thieves or other people who find their phones from getting access to their data, the users can activate an option in Android 5.1 which makes the stolen phones useless. It seems that Google will add a new feature in Android M, which will allow the users to log into all the applications supported by this new OS, without needing to enter a password. This means that nobody else will be able to access them, except for the owner, who will know the password and when introducing it, he will open all apps.

Upgrades for the Smart home

The latest reports are indicating that Android M will offer complete control over connected devices at home, via the Nest software. This is a response to Apple’s intentions to focus on the smart home functionality in its upcoming iPhones.

Android Wear

Apple had a big success with its Apple Watch, selling more smartwatches than other companies that launched devices running on Android Wear. Google believes that they can do better with this OS for smartwatches and will try to improve the notifications and voice input.

Android Auto

The new generation of vehicles comes with support for auto software and Apple already made this move with CarPlay. Google wants to integrate its Android Auto software into the new vehicles, which will come in 2016. The drivers will have full control of their vehicle’s entertainment, messaging and other services, in a standalone format.


The Wallet payment method wasn’t very appreciated by the users, because of its poor functionality and Google will want to integrate Google Health and Google Now and to improve its efficiency.

iOS 9

Most likely, iOS will be released this fall, after being unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The new version will be optimized and it will support older hardware such as iPhone 4S or iPad Mini, because the installation file won’t be too large and won’t require too much free storage.

New features

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus with 2GB of RAM, and this doubled capacity will allow improvements to the multitasking functionality, so that the devices won’t freeze when running more programs at once. Home is a new application which will allow the users to control third-party products from their homes, using smart applications that will run on their smartphones, and this will transform them into remote controls. As for the appearance of iOS 9, it was reported that Apple will use a new font called San Francisco, which was added to the latest Apple Watch. Another feature that will make its way to iOS 9 is Transit, and this role is to help users navigate cities via public transport.

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