Skype Free Download vs. Viber Free Download – Quality Voice Calls for Phone and PC Users

Telecom carriers and other mobile phone operators are almost losing it out to messengers when it comes to messaging and voice calling services.

In fact, these mobile carriers have turned out to become providers of data packs that are required to communicate using the many available apps today.

Skype and Viber are two of the leading providers of internet communication. By internet communication it means that these apps have the ability to send and receive messages over the internet and not using airtime like with the case of telecom carriers. Rather than send an SMS, which is billed per message you send, you can send multiple messages without being charged anything. You can also include pictures, videos as well as voice notes in these messages.

Skype free download started in 2003 whereas Viber came into being in 2010. There is a huge difference in the time frame of their operations. However, there is a very small difference in the popularity of these applications. In essence, Viber free download is knocking very hard on the doors of Skype and in no time, we might be able to see a new force in the world of internet communication, be it messaging or calling services.

Skype free download

Skype is the granddaddy of VoIP communication. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that this application came in at a time when there was no other app offering the same services of voice calling over the internet. However, this application was only meant to be used on PCs, something that many mobile phone users were not happy with.

With the rise in popularity of mobile devices and the strings of strong performances that had started coming from Google and other companies, Skype jumped onto the mobile phone platform in 2007. This is something that has really helped in keeping the app’s popularity at a record high. However, many people no longer rely on it for their mobile communication needs, although it is still very popular among PC users.

Skype free download allows users to exchange voice, video, text as well as picture messages for free. Furthermore, you can make free HD voice and video calls to any other person using the app. Users of Skype can also enjoy group video calls with up to 10 people as well as share a screen with up to 25 people. The latter feature has really been appreciated by many co-workers who often work on the same projects as a group.

You also have nothing to worry about if your friend is not on Skype. As long they have a phone number, be it a mobile or landline, you can call them via Skype, but at very moderate charges.

Viber free download

As previously noted, Viber free download started in 2010 and it’s still very new compared to Skype. However, in such a short period of time, this application has managed to come up with versions for almost all devices; be it mobile phones or tablets running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian or Samsung’s Bada. You can also install this application on a PC and just like Skype, you can send free messages as well as make free HD calls to any person using the app. Viber also allows calling of numbers not on Viber, be it on landline or mobile phone number. These calls are also billed very affordably.

The major difference you get with these two apps is that while Skype makes use of email addresses and Skype user names to identify users of the app, Viber free download depends on the mobile number of the owner as the ID. You also use phone numbers to identify other users of the app. With Viber you don’t need any password to login in. Furthermore, this app has no logout option. These aspects are present in Skype.

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