Telegram vs. Tango vs. Viber Free Download – The Ultimate Messenger App Comparison

Instant messaging apps have revolutionized the way we communicate with our family and friends.

These apps have been designed to offer a combination of text, voice, video and social functions. New applications are being developed frequently while older ones continue to introduce new features. Telegram, Tango and Viber are three of the most popular messaging applications at the moment.


This is a messaging app that works slightly different to Tango and Viber. It is quite new on the market, as it was launched in 2013. Since Telegram has so many features, its popularity is rising fast. It offers greater security and speedy communication. For this reason, millions of users around the world are using this application to stay in touch with their friends.

With telegram, the users can chat with up to 200 people at the same time. They can send and receive unlimited number of messages for free. Telegram pays a lot of emphasis on security when transferring data from point A to B. This makes it much more reliable and secure than many of its competitors.


Tango is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. It is a great application for keeping in touch with your family and friends. Just like Telegram, Tango allows its users to share text, images, audio files and so forth. However, unlike Telegram, Tango has introduced free voice and video calls. Tango is available on the Android, iOS, and Windows devices. This might be one of the few apps that support multiple platforms. This gives you the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere regardless of your operating system.

While Telegram allows the users to chat with up to 200 people at once, Tango allows the users to chat with only 50 people at the same time. Tango is also loaded with games. Users can play games while chatting. Just like Telegram and Viber, the Tango messenger app is completely free. However, there are some features that the users need to pay for, but only if they want to use them.


Viber is an instant messaging app that is pretty similar to popular messenger apps like WhatsApp and Tango. It is a free app which allows the users to exchange messages for free.

Among the excellent features of Viber is the ability to make high quality VoIP calls for free. Just like Telegram and Tango, Viber works on nearly all platforms, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Setting Viber up is simple and easy. You only need a phone number to register. While the app offers VoIP calls, users can only make free calls to Viber users. If you want to make a call to someone who is not a Viber user, carrier charges apply.

The Bottom Line  

Tango and Telegram are great apps but not as popular as Viber. The ability to make calls anywhere in the world for free is a great reason to go for Viber. Telegram definitely outshines Viber and Tango in terms of privacy. Tango also has a lot of fun features, making it a great app for killing time.

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