iOS 9 Monarch – Release Date And Top Features

In September 2014, Apple released the iOS 8 version along with its new iPhones and the company will follow its tradition and deliver a new version this fall. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can’t wait for iOS 9 to be rolled out, but for now, they are stuck with iOS 8.3. Even if Apple is trying hard to keep its mouth shut about the details regarding iOS 9, we found out that before the official version will be unveiled, many beta versions will be tested.

We don’t know the exact date when iOS 9 will be released, but we found out that the codename for this new OS will be Monarch and according to the rumors, Apple will launch a preview at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, which will kick off on June 8. If the rumors are true, then there’s a possibility that the beta test will come out this summer and the release date will be announced shortly after that. We must prepare for a new iPhone model, and it’s logic that will come loaded with the new operating system. So, if the new generation flagship will be released in September, like the iPhone 5S and 6/6 Plus, then it will surely be powered by the upcoming iOS 9.

Until the beta version will be announced, the rumors are saying that Apple is testing and developing a version, in parallel with the newly announced iOS 8.4 version. Macworld announced that a tech writer contacted them and told them that he discovered some iOS 9 versions appearing in the analytics for his website. But we are more than interested in the changes that will be made in the iOS 9 and according to some Apple observers, this new OS will come with performance enhancements and will focus more on stability, while iOS 8 came with new features and many bugs. When the Touch ID feature was introduced, the users encountered a lot of glitches, and Apple learned from its mistakes. Therefore, the new OS will be a lot more improved and the developers will successfully integrate the CarPlay wireless-based application, along with the music stream service.

iOS 9 will be more flexible and will occupy less storage space. Currently, iOS 8 requires 4.6GB of internal memory.

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