WhatsApp 2.12.79 APK Free Download – Improved Stability and New Features on Board

Since its 2009 inception, there is no doubt that WhatsApp has grown in leaps and bounds.

From an app that was purely based on mobile devices and offering instant messaging services alone, WhatsApp is now on the desktops and users of this app can now make free voice calls to each other.

This is a huge achievement for this app and a huge part of the credit can go to Facebook, their current owners who bought the app for a reported fee of about $19 billion. The app seems to be stopping at nothing, until it becomes the ultimate chat and VoIP app in all corners of the world. The developers of the app have been very busy in recent days, rolling out update after another and in each of them, something new comes in or an improvement to a past feature follows suit.

You may find a bug in the current version, but the same bug will not be present in the next version and all this is due to the efforts made by the WhatsApp team of developers. They take into consideration a number of factors when rolling out these updates and among the considerations are stability, brand new features and improvements that will ensure their more than 800 million customers stay happy.

WhatsApp 2.12.79 APK and what it brings for Android users

The latest version of WhatsApp is v2.12.79, however, this version is still in beta and as such, only an APK file can be downloaded and installed on your Android phone at the moment. This version comes in with major improvements in the stability of the app as well as fixes to bugs.

The new feature you will find on this application is the WhatsApp voice calling service. This feature has not been fully stabilized and it is still having some issues during calls. However, this is what these regular updates are meant for and the rate at which they have been coming in is alarming, an indicator that WhatsApp is determined to fine-tune the service and make it the best available on the planet.

Improved WhatsApp voice calls

Making WhatsApp voice calls using the latest v2.12.79 beta will make you feel the difference. There are no more lags or sudden ends to calls like what is being experienced with the stable WhatsApp 2.12.5, which is available in the Play Store. WhatsApp 2.12.79 APK free download also comes with support for WhatsApp Web and you can use three browsers that include Chrome, Firefox and Opera to access the client. To use WhatsApp on your PC, start the app on your phone and scan the QR code available on this PC web page: web.whatsapp.com.

A recent update had seen WhatsApp introduce the ability to create Google Drive backups. This option is disabled in the latest version, but it is expected to show up in the next stable version of the app.

Installing WhatsApp 2.12.79 APK

Installation of this APK file requires some tweaks in the security settings of the Android device. Allow the unknown sources option by checking the box against it and then proceed with installing the downloaded WhatsApp 2.12.79 APK file. Remember that this app will still be charged an annual fee of $0.99 after the expiry of the first free one year.

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