Nokia X vs. Nokia Lumia 530 – Which Entry-Level Nokia Phone is Good for You?


Being one of the most reliable companies in the industry of mobile phones, Nokia comes up with several devices every year.

From basic to high-end smartphones, Nokia offers a wide range of variety to the prospective buyers. But when it comes to Nokia X and Nokia Lumia 530, the two are said to be identical in terms of features and specifications. So, are the two phones similar, or one is superior to the other? Let’s find out!


The design aspects of Nokia X as well as Nokia Lumia 530 are pretty similar. Both the devices don’t differ much in length, breadth or width. To be precise, the dimensions of Nokia Lumia 530 are 119.70×62.30×11.70mm, whereas, the same for Nokia X is 115.50x63x10.40mm. Adding to this, the weight of Nokia X and Nokia Lumia 530 differs by a mere 0.70g; the Nokia X, being the lighter one of the two, hits the scale at 128g.

The back panels of the two devices come in some vibrant colors. The Nokia X is available in White, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow colors whereas the Nokia Lumia 530 comes in Bright Orange, Dark Grey, Bright Green and White colors. The basic model has a slight dissimilarity; the Nokia X has sharp edges whereas the Nokia Lumia 530 has smoothly-curved edges.

Winner: Tie


The display screen of the two devices is of 4-inch. The Capacitive screen serves as a decent platform for viewing texts, images and videos. The resolutions of Nokia X and Nokia Lumia 530 are 480×800 pixels and 480×854 pixels respectively. Therefore, the quality of Nokia Lumia 530’s display is just a step ahead of its rival.

Winner: Nokia Lumia 530


The major difference between the two Nokia devices is the Operating System. While the Nokia Lumia 530 runs on Windows v8.1, the Nokia X uses the signature Nokia X Platform 1.0. Apart from it, the Nokia Lumia 530 has 1.2GHz Quad Core processor whereas the Nokia X features 1GHz Dual Core processor. Both the devices have 4GB of internal storage and 512MB RAM. The memory of Nokia Lumia 530 can be expanded up to 128GB while Nokia X is expandable up to 32GB only.

Winner: Nokia Lumia 530


Being entry-level smartphones, the two Nokia devices offer a basic photography feature. While the Nokia Lumia 530 comes with a 5MP rear camera, the Nokia X contains 3MP camera. There is no flash or front camera in either of the devices. Overall, the cameras of the two phones are not up to the mark as per the present market standards.

Winner: Nokia Lumia 530


The battery capacity of the two phones is as impressive as their processors and screen size. The Nokia Lumia 530 features a 1430 mAh battery, whereas Nokia X is powered by a 1500 mAh battery. The batteries of the two Nokia devices are removable.

Winner: Nokia X


With closely-related features and specifications, it can be said that the Nokia Lumia 530 and Nokia X are two of the same kind. Both the devices are ideal for entry-level smartphone-lovers, with Nokia Lumia 530 giving a bit more edge to potential users.

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