New World’s Fellowship & Fire Update is Coming Soon!

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The Fellowship & Fire update for New World will finally air, more than a week after it was sadly postponed because of some issues. The update notes and information on the anticipated downtime have been made available by Amazon Games, which is really a delight! So, as officially announced, on Tuesday, April 4th, all areas will experience downtime starting at 5 AM PT. Any other changes will be provided by devs if anything changes from the two hours of expected downtime.

The new update is quite essential because it actually marks the start of the new season! And the best part is that it includes the new Season Pass, which is both free and premium, with 100 reward levels to aim for. How cool is that?! But that’s not all. The update will also mark the Season 1 Leaderboards’ finale.

Here is what you need to remember!

Along with various new Main Story questline overhauls and level 40 armor and weapon quest overhauls, there is a new seasonal plotline dubbed “The Silver Crows.” Quite impressive, isn’t it?! The devs only gave a little introduction to the Silver Crows in the season announcement previews, but we might know a thing or two!

For example, with the new Fire Storm Heartrune and the Empyrean Forge Adventure, Fellowship & Fire doesn’t actually get low on the fire component either. What does this mean? Well, it means that the slowest projectile in Heartune will be unique and lead to ingenious tactics. Did you expect such a thing?

Several sleek adjustments will also try to improve balance and gear storage. Also, a modification to alt categorization is included in the update. But the most excitingting thing here is preventing the usage of alts from obtaining unfair advantages, players must designate one character as their PvP character. As a result, only that character can flag for PVP or participate in a Conflict.

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