Instagram Launches Layout, Organize Multiple Photos in a Single Frame

Ever since Instagram came out, it has been the best place to go for all your pictures.

People love sharing pictures on this amazing platform which has launched an all new feature now that enables them to organize photos in a layout.

The new add-on in the app allows users to easily combine multiple photos at once. It’s similar to how professionals do it in photoshop and other professional software but you can do it without having to know all those technical jargons. It takes less than a minute to organize it in a beautiful layout. However, there are many customization options available for those who love to tweak and make it look more professional.

Automatically Brings Images Together

The Instagram app layout will automatically collect all your pictures from the camera roll, as soon as you open it. Just start picking the best pictures from the roll and the app will show a list of layouts that will go best with your pictures. It also comes with a default faces option. The option is useful because it lets the program pick pictures that have human faces in it and ignore other landscapes.

When you are planning to make a layout of your friends together or a bunch of family photos, this will come in handy. The app will detect all the photos within the camera roll that has human faces in it. Just drag them all in and you are ready to put in your artistic touch.

Multiple Layouts, Creativity at its Best

For people who have already used Instagram and its amazing features, there is no need to introduce how amazing it is. The app is easy to use, intuitive and comes bundled with a lot of customization options. The newly launched layout offers similar freedom because you have multiple color tones and effects that you can apply to the layouts created.

Simply drag and drop the photos to a layout of your choice. It can either be a simple one with just two pictures or a collage of dozen pictures within the same frame. You can move photos by simply tapping and holding on to them.

Pinch to zoom in if you need or pull the edges of the pictures so as to expand them to suit the design. Either way, it’s extremely easy to do on your touch screen devices. There’s also the option to flip photos and rotate them besides the popular Instagram filters. Use some mirror effects if you think that might make you look cooler.

Visual storytelling is much easier on the app as it comes with a Photo Booth along with the layout feature. Snap a series of pictures within a set countdown and all of them will be beautifully arranged for your convenience. Enjoy setting them up into neat layouts so that you can share them on your social media profiles and impress your friends. It’s fun, addictive and most of all, makes Instagram amazing than ever for ultimate photo collections.

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