How To Use Google Voice Search

Google’s Voice search is an interesting Google product, it allows its users to be able to search through speaking on their mobile phone or computer. Once someone speaks, the Voice search feature detects the words, enters the spoken information into text. Google will instantly begin searching for information after the data has been entered.

Apart from being used over the internet, this feature enables one to give speech commands to their phones. For using it this way, one can open different files by simply saying the commands. Here is a brief information on how to use the Google Voice search feature on different platforms and operating systems. 

Voice search on Android

Using Google Voice search on Android is a simple and straightforward process. First, you have to activate ‘Google detection’ by going to ‘settings,’ ‘voice,’ ‘ok,’ then activate voice detection. After activating this feature, you can choose what you would like your phone to listen, this is activating upon saying the words ‘Ok Google.’ You can also touch the microphone icon displayed at the screen to start a voice search. 

Voice search on iPhone or IPad 

Using voice Search feature on iPhone or IPad follows the same procedure as that of Android. First, you have to download and install the Google Now app. At the top left of the home screen, touch your photo and scroll up to the top of the page. You will find an option for voice search. From there you can change various settings such as the language or whether you would like Google to use the “Ok Google” feature or not. Touch done when done. To start a voice search touch the microphone icon or simply say “Ok Google” to start the application.

Voice search on Chrome 

Voice search on chrome allows you to voice search information when surfing over internet. Voice searching information on the internet works best on Chrome. To start using this feature, simply open the Chrome menu, go to settings in the search section search for Voice search feature. When you say “Ok Google”, the voice search feature will start, anything that you say next will be a recorded audio. To remove this feature, uncheck the box.

Why use Google’s voice search 

Voice search is a very handy and fast feature. For smart devices, it can take a long time to find different applications or functions, with this feature you will be able to access all your most of your files, folders or apps quite easily. This feature additionally has no tapping errors and no correcting typos. With this you can open almost everything that you want almost instantly. 

Voice search is an important tool that is more than simply search, it comes with great convenience and an easy access to different files. While these voice commands may not really work quite perfectly every time, they are still going to be helpful in many conditions. For instance, it may not really work in a room with loud noise. However, after downloading the app and using it for a while, you will be familiar with it and will be able to use it to search for different information.

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