GTA 5 PC Top Tricks – How To Make Money Fast

GTA 5 for PC just got released a few days ago and there are more and more players who want to get money fast. Today we’re going to give you some hints on how to make money fast without too much struggle.

Shop Robbery

You can also rob shops by going with a gun and pointing it at the cashier. You will need to wait for the cashier to collect the money and put in the bag. You will also be able to get a second bag of cash if you shoot the second register.


By going to a random event in North Paleto Bay you will be able to earn 60.000 dollars. You will need to go there and stop some guys who are trying to bury a woman alive. If you save her, she will tell you that she is the daughter of a mob boss. Once you bring her to safety, you will receive a call confirming that you’ve received 60.000 dollars for helping her.

Picking the best Crew

By picking the best crew for Heists you will be able to make lots of money. You will need to pick a crew that has higher ability levels which will allow you to make bigger cuts.

ATM Robbery

One of the easiest ways to make money is to head to the nearest ATM and wait for a NPC to withdraw some money from it, then attack it using a melee or silenced weapon and steal the money. By using these kinds of weapons, the crime will not attract attention of too many people.

Security Vans

In case you see blips on the map, then you should head there. By using sticky bombs, you will be able to blow the back doors from the Security Van, allowing you to get the cash bags and escape before you get the wanted level too high.

HINT: In case you catch the guards while they load the cash, you won’t need to blow the doors.

Bike Thief

When you will see a red blip on the Little Bighorn venue in the Racnho district of Los Santos, then it means that a thief stole a bike. In case you catch the thief and return the bike to its owner, you will receive an email that the bike owner was actually the owner of an in-game pet store chain called Animal Ark. And since you’ve returned his bike back to him, he will give you his company’s shares. By selling the company’s shares to the market you will earn around 100.000 dollars.

GTA 5 PC Windows Username Fix patch released

Rockstar already released the first patch of GTA 5 PC version. This patch solves the issue that a lot of players have reported. It seems that they’ve had problems with the Windows usernames which caused the launcher to fail to load.

Here are more fixes that this patch comes with:

– An issue that was causing birds to not be recorded correctly in Rockstar Editor clips
– An issue that was causing the game to crash while using Rockstar Editor
– An issue that was causing GTA 5 Launcher to use a high amount of CPU
– In case you upload an YouTube video via the Rockstar Editor and your connection is lost, the upload will be paused and resumed once the connection is back
– An issue that was causing frame rate drops when left clicking the mouse while driving
– Crew Tire Smoke can not be purchased anymore if you are not in a Crew.

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