How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop – Tips You Must Know


Chrome remote desktop is a software that allows the users to control other computers.

It is used as a tool for businesses, companies, cafes and others. The software provides a tool to remotely control computers and for sending or copying files. From the host computer, the user can use its own mouse and keyboard to control the other computer connected to the neighborhood. Through the years, this software has been widely known for its unique use and helpful functions that allows things to be done fast.

  1. The Chrome Remote Desktop is supported by almost all operating systems. If your computer responds that it cannot be installed, try to use the updated operating systems or just update the one you use on your computers. Make sure that all the computers are virus free, this can affect the connections and might as well put virus to other computers.
  2. Install Google Chrome in all the computers that you want to control. This is an essential software for its main function. Make sure it is set as the default browser. This browser will serve as your connection between the host computer and the client computer.
  3. After installing Google Chrome browser, download Chrome Remote Desktop add-on. Just double click and install it on your browser. Do this in all the computers. Do not install other add-ons that might conflict to the Chrome add-on.
  4. If you are done installing, open a new tab. From there, you can see “Google Remote Desktop”. Then click it. You need to have your Google account logged in. If you do not have Google account, just go to and fill up the necessary information. After you have your own account, you will authorize and permit the Google add-on.
  5. Almost everything is done; you can now choose the connectivity between the host and client computer. You can choose either “Remote Assistance” or “My Computers”. Remote Assistance is the short-term connection to provide support or presentation to others. My Computers refers to the long-term connections which allow the host to have an access on the client computer. The host can send or copy files from the client’s computers as well.
  6. Go to your host’s computer, open Google Remote Desktop and it will generate an access code for security purposes. Memorize you access code, don’t forget it. This will serve as a password whenever there is an attempt to connect to other computers and is also a protection for the owner.
  7. Finished! You can now have an open connection in the computer neighborhood. You can now connect and interact with each other. The host can now have an easier presentation.


All the connections that have been established are well secured and protected. The freedom within the host to control the computers is an advantage to make tasks more efficient and effective. Google Remote Desktop is free and easy to install. It is also easy to use and user-friendly. It is primarily meant for Google users.

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