DriveClub is 1080p but 30 FPS on PS4, Know Why?


If you love the Sony console and already own a Playstation 4, then you are on the right track.

The console is powerful without a doubt (not comparing it with Xbox One here) and has the capability to render latest titles such as DriveClub in all its authentic beauty. But, it has limited hardware and can be pushed only to a certain extent. Anyone who dearly loves their product, might find this statement offensive; but it is not being made by any fan body but rather the developers themselves who are making the game. And, it is to be noted at this point the game is an exclusive title for the Playstation 4 which negates the issue when people start comparing its quality on other platforms. We already know this fact that when you try to push any game to run in the highest possible resolution for a console, at 1080p, then some compromise has to be done in the other areas, especially frames per second and the quality of the graphics. But, any fact is proven better when the developers speak out themselves and here’s the version that they have to say.

Balancing the Quality

“When it comes to delivering the best possible experience, it’s all about the balance because you can only do so much on any platform with its hardware limits,” said Paul Rustchynsky. He’s the game director of DriveClub who strongly agrees that the Playstation 4 is a great platform which is amazing to work with and believes that his team has already done their level best in pushing it to its maximum possible extent. “We have made good use of the platform given to us and even though, we have done a great job of pushing its performance, it’s ultimately a trade off at the end. I do believe that the choices we have made are right so as to provide the best driving experience possible to our fans,” he added.

No Compromise Has Been Made

During his interview, Paul repeatedly added that just because it says 30 FPS doesn’t mean they have compromised on the game or its graphics. He wants people to know that they have done their best to make sure the game play experience is immersive. The team has worked a lot to minimize the latency between the gamepad and what happens inside the game so that anyone playing will never disconnected.

From what he said, it is evident that Playstation 4 can’t handle DriveClub with all its settings ramped up at 60 FPS which is why they had to bring it down. And, 1080p has been its strong claim against Xbox One, which forced developers to make sure they deliver it without fail. The game might look and play a lot better if it runs at 900p with better graphics as well as 60 FPS; but it looks like the console wars are heating up, leading to unwanted results. Compared to it, any mediocre PC can easily handle this quality. Let’s just hope these consoles don’t turn old within another two years or so.

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