WhatsApp Free Remove The Timestamp – Pros and Cons

WhatsApp has pros and cons, because it’s not a perfect application, but at least the developers are trying to improve it, to add new features which would make the users appreciate WhatsApp even more. At this moment, there are millions of users who make voice calls for free, all over the world, thanks to the newly introduced voice calling feature, but there are also other features that are worth mentioning: the Last seen option, which allows your contacts to know when was the last time you were online. Well, this feature is useful for your friends, but it’s annoying for you, if you’re hiding from stalkers. So, what can you do to get rid of it?

The Last seen status is hated by most of the WhatsApp users because they can’t log into their accounts without letting their contacts know that. There are times when are not in the mood for chat, but we want to check our messages, without replying back. The senders will probably get mad if they’ll notice that you’ve read their messages, but you ignored them, and other contacts will be frustrated because you were online, but you didn’t say “hi” to them.

If you hate the Timestamp feature, there is a solution to get rid of it. On Android devices, you will have the option to disable the Las seen status from Settings. The problem is that you need to install newer versions of WhatsApp, otherwise you will be stuck with this feature, because you will not be allowed to make any changes.

The first step is to open the application, go to Settings and tap on the Menu button from the upper right corner, then tap on Settings>Account> Privacy and change the Last seen settings, by setting who can see the timestamp. There are three options you can choose from: “Everyone”, “My contacts” or “Nobody”. So, if you are hiding from everyone, then, obviously, the third option should be selected. If you choose “My Contacts”, only your friends from the contact list will know when you were last time online.

If you block a contact, he/she won’t know when you are accessing your account.

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