Best Nintendo 3DS Games in 2015

Nintendo 3DS is easily the best console available in the market today and it is very popular because of the wide range of exclusives available on it.

With it, you will never be bored on your long commute hereafter and will also have the satisfaction of unlocking unique content as you play.

The range of titles available on the Nintendo console includes classic characters like Mario and Zelda but there are some new RPGs as well that would give you limitless hours of game play time.

Bravely Default

If you love serious action packed RPG titles, Bravely Default should be the top one on the list. You get to enjoy a cinematic universe where every button will allow you to kill an enemy and the world is so huge that you could spend an entire summer playing through this one game.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

While the game might look seriously childish and funny, once you start playing it, you will be immersed in its exciting world. Get ready to be mesmerized by the background music that changes according to the day and also take care of the animals by making sure they receive the right resources. Don’t let them become extinct.


An experimental title on the Nintendo 3DS platform is where the main character has to climb through the blocks to reach his goal on top. The game looks a lot like Tetris but it is fully in 3D and you have to build the building in such a way that your character would find it easy to keep moving. The puzzles are really simple in the beginning but will become extremely difficult when you move up the levels.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Do you love turn based strategy games? If you do or like to try on your 3DS platform, the Fire Emblem Awakening is a good choice. The game lets you control units and there are multiple mechanics within the main gameplay including handling different classes, leveling up and more to win the war.

Mario Golf World Tour

Sports games are always fun whether you simply like to pick them up and play or prefer to invest your time in completing a tournament. Mario Golf World Tour is a perfect game on Nintendo 3DS which has awesome graphics, great game play and encourages you to keep improving your golfing skills from time to time.

You could also try Luigi’s Mansion 2, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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