The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Taking a Sneak Peek into the Brutal World of Geralt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is an upcoming fantasy RPG game developed by CD Projekt RED.

The game is designed with an open world brutal environment where survival is everything at the end of a mission. This game is currently being developed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One consoles and it is all set to launch on 24th February 2015. Yes, it is the officially confirmed date, so all the Witcher fans are getting ready to pre-order their collector edition copy. This release of the popular Witcher series has managed to create an enormous hype among the existing fans and new players alike. Now, take a sneak peek into the world of Witcher below for a quick preview before you get your hands on this.

The Plot

The world of Witcher, this time, is full of uncertainty. You will get your chance to slaughter more creepy looking monsters in a mythological era where bravery and mystical powers still exist. It is a really fantasy-driven open world that you will explore in the coming release. The game revolves around the life of Geralt, the main character, known popularly as the monster slayer. The plot is inspired by legendary ghost stories from the East and the spooky tales of creatures from Celtic legend origin. You will be put forward a fantastic role playing journey where you need to attend incidental missions across the brutal open world of Witcher. Are you ready for this hunt?

Kill the Marked One First

There is a predominant rule in the world of Witcher. If you want to kill a monster, you need to kill the marked one first. If you somehow miss to identify the marked one, the monster can never be defeated. The prey-and-hope approach of the villagers is triggered by the influence of the marked one. Finding this man requires ‘the witcher sense’ in Geralt. Once you find the marked one, you need to look for ways to kill the person without any mercy, then the monster will become your prey.

Rapid Weather Change

The world, as depicted in the game, features dynamic weather characteristics. Suddenly the wind blows heavily and lashes out on surrounding trees in the forest. This change in weather has a large impact in the behavior of the monster. Some monsters only come at night when the weather changes rapidly. As a savior of the villagers, Geralt mediates and it looks terribly awesome looking at the time lapse effect while he does this. The game engine performs well, rendering the weather change effect in the entire game.

Making Tough Decisions

The Witcher 3 will leave you biting your nails while you try to take a decision. It is not about making a good or bad decision, it is about choosing the lesser harmful one. You may need to kill innocent men, who happen to be the marked ones by creepy monsters. The only thing you should be thinking of is saving hundreds of villagers for the price of one. The morality system works great in the game and it does have a long term impact, based on your choice.


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