Clash of Clans Free Download – Understanding Why The Game is So Addictive


Battle games are usually addictive – once you start playing them, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop.

Right after you launch the game for the first time, you want to keep playing it more and more. The game play is simple and addictive and the game greets you with an interesting introduction video that sucks you right in. Once you begin the tutorial, there is really no turning back.

First Look

The first and most important aspect of any smartphone game is its user interface. Since the game is played on a smaller screen, it is important to make sure that everything is easily available. There is a real danger here of cramming everything into a small space, and making it difficult for touch controls to work. That is not so with Clash of Clans. In this game, you have everything easily accessible and you can get on to playing immediately. The graphics are also extremely great as compared to most other smartphone games. The sound effects and music are appropriate and interesting and the game has enough depth to keep you challenged. It has a great balance of retention, monetization and social aspects.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics are well designed and goals are clearly listed. Players know right from the start about what they are doing in the game. Players are rewarded for participating in the game actively and every time they return after a session, the game has progressed. There are three main aims of the game. The first is to collect elixir and coins as resources, the second is to build and train troops by spending the collected resources and the third is to battle and win trophies and loot. Each of these goals is clear and every player is working towards it.

Social Aspect

The game, apart from being an action-adventure and strategy game, also has an inherent social aspect. Each player has the option to join a clan or start one. As the players come together in clans, they have the option to chat with each other, send each other messages and request resources. Players can invite each other to be a part of their clan, which acts like a forum to bring players together. Top players in the game have gained social media star status, and there is spillover to other media as well. For instance, players who meet and strike a friendship over the game may invite each other to be friends over other social media such as Facebook.


The freemium model of the game is certainly well thought out. The developers have understood the consumer psychology and have played according to it. All the essentials are completely free of cost, but the monetization method is completely based on a player’s need to speed up his or her game. The gems, which are used to speed up actions in the game, can be won, but can also be purchased from the in-app store. This means, you do not necessarily have to spend any money, but you can if you want to. This allows both competitive and non competitive players to stay engaged on their own terms.

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