Here’s How You Can Download and Delete Your Entire Google History

Google amasses tremendous amounts of information that is not only useful to Google, but to the users as well, since this betters their choice of search results they show us, based on the things we have searched for and chosen in the past.

Our Searches Are Pretty Relevant

It has probably crossed our minds how creepy it can be when we see ads tailored to our searches by Google; however, this is actually pretty useful as most users would probably rather want to see ads containing relevant and useful information and offers that the ones that are pretty useless to them. Google search data is amazing with reference to the social sciences too, since what the users are searching and looking for, gives out the sense of what their thoughts are and it will basically tell us something of what “we” as a society think. Also, it can be really predictive which is pretty creepy, considering we give information voluntarily, probably without reflecting much on everything that is being gathered.

How to Download Your Google History?

Google now provides its users with the ability of downloading all their search history so they can see it as well as archive it. You are allowed to download a list of all your searches since you began using Google. The downloadable archive involves all the terms as well as keywords you have ever goggled, even the things that nowadays you might see as offensive or sensitive and consider that it should not remain in public domain. Downloading your search history will allow you to have access to all your data whenever or wherever you wish. Here is how you can download your Google history as well as searches. Foremost, you are required to sign in to your Google account. Then you need to head to the Web & App Activity, click the gear button placed at the top of the page, on right corner, and then choose “Download”. The next thing to do is to choose “Create Archive” and at the end, when the download of your personal archive is ready, Google will send you an email. This means you will be allowed to see your archive in the “Takeout Folder” in your Google Drive.

How to Delete Your Google History?

Google allows us to delete our search and browsing history, and it has been claimed that deleting it really does eliminate it from Google’s servers. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you worry about the security of your searches and browsing on Google, or you just wish to erase your searches for the presents you want to buy your spouse, the cosmetic surgery you fancy undergoing or some medical condition you truly thought you had, the search titan Google indeed makes it light to deal with your queries. If you’d like to remove and erase your Google search and browsing history, the first step would be signing in to your Google account. Then you need to go to Web & App Activity, and click the gear icon to select “Remove Items”. You will have to choose time period for which you need to delete items. For deleting your entire Google search history, you’ll select “The Beginning of Time”. At the end, delete what you chose by clicking “Remove”.

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